Master TAL - MSc. NLP

Course Unit

Proffessionnal Integration







Course Description

In order to guide students in their professional integration, they will choose between the two following courses:

EC4-A Bibliographic methods.
The course has two parts: the first presents the French research system (organization in EPST, EPSCP, etc, modes of financing, where to find a thesis, outlets after thesis, etc.) whereas the second part focuses on certain aspects related to bibliographic research (where and how to search, rules of quotation, awareness of the risks of plagiarism) and on the writing of scientific reports.

EC4-B Company insertion.
This EU introduces students to the way of understanding the world of business with respect to their specific background. It will be a question of knowing the different expectations and to prepare the documents for applying to company job.


Learning Outcome

  • Proficiency in internal and external communication


  • UE 705 and UE 805


Targeted Skills

  • Know how to used tools for bibliographic research
  • Master communication within company domains

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Evaluation procedures

Number of Tests

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Group work

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  • MSc Cognitive Science

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