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Course Unit

Bibliographic methods







Course Description

In order to accompany students in their professional integration, they chose one of the two courses: EC4-A Bibliographic methods
This class consists of two aspects: The first part will introduce the french research system (organisation in EPST, EPSCP, etc ; means of financing, where to find a thesis, post-graduation prospects etc.). The second part of the course will deal with bibliographic research (where and how to research, citation rules, plagiarism risks) and the task of writing scientific reports.


Learning Outcome

  • Usage of tools for bibliographic research


  • UE 705 and UE 805


Targeted Skills

  • Analyse a problem before computationally treating spoken or written data
  • Put to work different interdisciplinary skills to the effect of creating innovative solutions

More Informations


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Course URL – Arche

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Link with other courses

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Evaluation procedures

Number of Tests

  • 1

Nature of the tests

  • report

Group work

  • group of 2 students

Combine with other specialization

  • MSc Cognitive Science

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