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Lexical Resources







Course Description

This course presents the main types of digital lexical resources : electronic dictionaries, lexical databases, both academics (Wordnet, Framenet...) and crowdsourced (Wiktionary...), as well as automatically trained (Word embeddings). We will briefly present how to manage specific challenges (multi-word expressions, out-of-vocabulary words...) and propose practical sessions to exploit such resources in concrete applications. The course is an extension of the basic notions of lexicology introduces in the course unit “Lexicology : lexical units and phraseology” (UE 804).


Learning Outcome

  • Knowledge of existing lexical resources
  • Construction of specialized lexicons


  • UE 704, UE 802, and UE 804


Targeted Skills

  • Analyse a problem before computationally treating spoken or written data
  • Put to work different interdisciplinary skills to the effect of creating innovative solutions

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  • Master of linguistic

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