Master TAL - MSc. NLP

Course Unit

Discourse and discourse modeling







Course Description

The objective of this course is to expose the linguistic phenomena that appear once we consider not only isolated sentences, but sequences of sentences (discourse), as well as to model them. The meaning of certain elements (like pronouns) can only be calculated in relation with the given context, while for other elements the hierarchical structure of texts and the transitions between paragraphs need to be taken into account.


Learning Outcome

  • Application of discourse representation theory
  • Resolution of discourse-level linguistic problems


  • UE 701, UE 704, UE 801, UE 802, UE 804


Targeted Skills

  • Analyse a problem before computationally treating spoken or written data
  • Know how to retrieve, structure and represent data (sound, text, image)
  • Know how to apply algorithmic techniques, linguistic analysis, statistics, and knowledge processing.

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