Master TAL - MSc. NLP

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Computational Semantics







Course Description

The objective of this course is to introduce the different ways of representing the meaning of complex expressions within sentence boundaries. One part of the course presents meaning representations with the help of lambda-calculus and of high-order logics, and another presents the way in which meaning of complex expressions is constructed based on the meaning of the sub-components of these expressions. We describe a systematic association of meaning to words of an expression in order to construct the complete meaning of the expression in relation with the syntactical rules used.


Learning Outcome

  • Knowledge of semantic and discourse representation theories
  • Application of lambda-calculus and semantics logic


  • UE 701, UE 704, UE 801, UE 802, UE 804


Targeted Skills

  • Analyse a problem before computationally treating spoken or written data
  • Know how to retrieve, structure and represent data (sound, text, image)
  • Know how to apply algorithmic techniques, linguistic analysis, statistics, and knowledge processing.

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