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Formal languages







Course Description

The objective of this course is to introduce fundamental theories of grammar and formal languages, to discuss the relationship between the different classes of languages, and to establish links with machines and algorithms which are capable of recognizing them. We study deterministic and non-deterministic final state automatas, we show that the languages recognized by these are regular languages (regular expressions). We show properties of closure and pumping lemmas. We study context-free grammar as well as different algorithms used for its analysis.


Learning Outcome

  • Identification of classes of language generated by formal grammars
  • Manipulation of automatas and final states as a practical and theoretical perspective


  • UE 701

Targeted Skills

  • Analyse a problem before computationally treating spoken or written data
  • Know how to put into place algorithmic techniques, linguistic analysis, statistics, and knowledge processing
  • Develop an argument with critical thinking skills


Philippe de Groote


More Informations


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Evaluation procedures

Number of Tests

  • 1

Nature of the tests

  • final exam

Group work

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Combine with other specialization

  • No

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