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Semantic web







Course Description

This course presents the fundamentals of linked data and semantic web. The student will acquire the means by which one can represent knowledge in a logical way (the conception of ontologies) and make these operational for machines (automatic reasoning). We will look at the access of information through the semantic web as well as the navigation the available resources within it. In the second part of the class the student will acquire fundamental notions of data mining and knowledge extraction; he/she will study the implementation of the search algorithms used for detection of patterns and association rules, applying these to real-life situations. He/she will become familiar as well with techniques of formal concept analysis applied to binary tables and more complex data(numerical data). These algorithms will be applied as well to the framework of linked data, which will be illustrated by the conception of ontologies applied to data provided to the student (for a project).


Learning Outcome

  • Ability to apply the statistical mathematical theories to real-life data produced by humans
  •  Capacity to analyse the behavior of automatic models in order to determine their quality


  • UE 701

Targeted Skills

  • Develop an argument with critical thinking skills
  • Combine interdisciplinary skills and know-how in the aims of creating innovative solutions


Miguel Couceiro


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Evaluation procedures

Number of Tests

  • 2

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  • MSc Cognitive Science

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