Master TAL - MSc. NLP

Course Unit

Language classes - French







Course Description

This course offers a choix between scientific English or French. It consists of making students more comfortable in their foreign language use and addressing the individual language needs of students.


Learning Outcome

  • Capacity to understand/produce scientific French
  • Basic communication skills in french for the non-francophones


  • The courses for the first semester of the master do not have prerequisites other than those defined for the specialisation

Targeted Skills

  • Carry out a complex project with rigor, while working autonomously and in a team
  • Explain and document the implementation of a technical solutions
  • Develop an argument using critical thinking skills
  • Exercise autonomy and initiative

More Informations


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Course URL – Arche

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Link with other courses

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Evaluation procedures

Number of Tests

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Nature of the tests

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Group work

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Combine with other specialization

  • No

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