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Course Unit

Probability and statistics







Course Description

This course allows the opportunity to review basic mathematical properties of probability and statistics. From this starting point, statistical methods will be developed such as the classical methods of data analysis (correlation tests, principal component analysis, factorial correspondance analysis, discriminative analysis) and the methods of evaluation of qualitative data (log-linear models, linear and logistic regression). These methods are important in understanding data mining and in training statistical models. The end of the course will discuss more complexe techniaues such as SVM or discriminative analysis. The course is composed of introduction and development of theory through manipulation of real data (analysis using the R program).

Learning Outcome

  • Capacity to identify methods of statistical analysis necessary for data analysis
  • Efficiency in application of statistical calculations, permitting mathematical analysis of data
  • Capacity to evaluate qualitative analysis



  • The courses for the first semester of the master do not have prerequisites other than those defined for the specialisation

Targeted Skills

  • Put to work different interdisciplinary skills to the effect of creating innovative solutions
  • Know how to put into place algorithmic techniques in order to effectuate linguistic analysis, statistical analysis, and knowledge processing




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Link with other courses

  • 801 and 901

Evaluation procedures

Number of Tests

  • 1

Nature of the tests

  • final exam

Group work

  • NA

Combine with other specialization

  • MSc. Cognitive Sciences

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