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Consult this section regularly to find all the general information about the Traitement Automatique des Languages Master (MSc Natural Language Processing).


Different Internships

  • The second semester of the second year (M2) is entirely devoted to an internship – at least four months in a research lab or five months in a company
  • This internship gives rise to a report and a defense before a jury. The grade includes the evaluation of the report, the defense and the supervisor
  • The defenses are public. All students of the bachelor degree and the Master are welcome
  • With the agreement of the students, supervisors and jury, some internship reports are published on the PETALE website of the Université de Lorraine.
  • In addition, students can carry out non-compulsory internships (not included in the training). They must then also complete an agreement (see below).

Internship Search

  • The search for an internship is the responsibility of the student.
  • We have many contacts with local, national and international companies, as well as laboratories in many disciplines to facilitate the search for internships. see partnerships

Internship Agreement

  • The internship agreement, available on the ENT, must be completed by the student.
  • The agreement must be signed, first by the host structure, company or laboratory (two signatures: tutor and head of the structure), then by the head of the master (or the head of the second year) and only lastly by the director of the IDMC.
  • No agreement will be signed by IDMC without the other signatures.
  • No agreement will be signed by IDMC without a certificate of civil liability.
  • The agreement must be signed before the beginning of the internship