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Consult this section regularly to find all the general information about the Traitement Automatique des Languages Master (MSc Natural Language Processing).

General News

List of teachers:

Maxime Amblard, MCH HDR Computer Science – NLP
Claire Gardent, DR CNRS, Computer Science – NLP
Philippe de Groote, DR INRIA, Computer Science – NLP
Chloé Braud, CR CNRS, Computer Science – NLP
Christophe Cerisara, CR CNRS, Computer Science – NLP
Karën Fort, MCH Computer Science – NLP
Mathieu Constant, PR Computer Science – NLP
Kamel Smaili, PR Computer Science – NLP
Bruno Guillaume, CR INRIA Computer Science – NLP

Yannick Parmentier, MCH Computer Science – NLP
Timothee Muckus, Phd Student Linguistic – NLP


Emmanuel Vincent, DR INRIA, Computer Science – Speech processing
Yves Laprie, DR CNRS Computer Science – Speech processing
David Langlois, MCH Computer Science – Speech processing
Romain Sérizel, MCH Computer Science – Speech processing
Ajinkya Kulkarmi, Phd Student Computer Science – Speech Processing


Katarina Bartkova, PR Linguistics
Fiametta Nammer, PR Linguistics
Alain Polguère, PR Linguistics
Ilénana Comorovski, PR Linguistics
Yvon Keromnes, PR Linguistics
Marianne Clauzel, PR Mathematics
Miguel Couceiro, PR Computer Science – knowledge
Yannick Toussaint, PR Computer Science – knowledge/NLP
Pierre Monnin, Phd Student Linguistic – Knowledge

Laure Burhy, MCH Computer Science – Neuro-Biology


Armelle Brun, MCH HDR Computer Science – Data Science
Anne Bonneau, PR Computer Science – Data Science


From Compagnies: Rachel Altmeyer, Patrick Nourissier, Eric François, Aurélie Ducraut

You want to apply to an Eiffel Grant. Sent us your application before November 27th 2019.

You need the application form!

Send a mail to:

  • Karine Weisse <>
  • with the object : Eiffel Application File inquiry

Starting meeting slides! here: [pdf]

Master 2 2018-19 defense schedule:
September 5th
14hPM Biver Alexis – PWC
15hPM Shajepal Gaurav – Orpailleur Loria
16hPM Jeannot Laurine – CS
17hPM Herrera Cepero Andres – Dassault

9hAM Kar Annya – Multispeech Loria
10hAM Ben Babis Saoussen
11hAM Dowerah Sandipana – Multispeech Loria

Welcome to our new students! Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Starting Meeting at the PLG: September 2nd 10AM for M1 and 11AM for M2

The MSc NLP is located downtown, at the PLG Campus.
13, rue M. Ney, 54000 Nancy

Congratulations to Emmanuel Vincent,
Inria research director at INRIA-NGE, Multispeech team, and teacher in the MSc. Master. He received the International Speech Communication Association (ISCA) award for the best paper published in the journalComputer Speech and Languageover the last five years.

Grading Scale

Scale U.S. Grade Equivalent
14-20 A
12-13.9 B+
11-11.9 B
10.5-10.9 B-
10.1-10.4 C+
10 C
9-9.9 C-
8-8.9 D
0-7.9 F