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Consult this section regularly to find all the general information about the Traitement Automatique des Languages Master (MSc Natural Language Processing).

Calendar 2020-2021

Master NLP-TAL

Starting Meeting: September 7th – M1 (09:30 AM) & M2 (11:00 AM)
November: Visit of compagnies at Luxembourg

Alternance M2

Companies: weeks 37 and 38
Courses: weeks 39 to 44
Companies: weeks 45 to 47

Courses: weeks 48 to 51
Companies: weeks 52 to 02

Courses: weeks 3 to 7
Companies: weeks 8 to 10

Courses: weeks 11 to 12

• Companies until the end of the academic year, except for:
Retake Sessions + Defenses: weeks 35 and 36

Alternance M1

Courses: weeks 37 to 39
Companies: weeks 40 to 43

Courses: weeks 44 to 49
Companies: weeks 50 to 53

Courses: weeks 1 to 5
Companies: weeks 6 to 9

Courses: weeks 10 to 14
Companies: weeks 15 to 18

Courses: weeks 19 to 21
Companies: weeks 22 to 34

Retake Sessions: weeks 35 and 36

First year - M1

Beginning of semester 7 (S7): September 7, 2020
Back-to-school meeting: September 7, 9:30 a.m.
Dead-line supervised project, bibliography part: December 18th
End of course S7: January 8th, 2021
Assessments S7: January 11-15th.
• End of S7: January 15th
Jury S7: February 1st, 2pm (grades due: January 25th)
Beginning of semester 8 (S8): January 18th
End of S8 courses: May 21th
S8 Evaluations: May 24-28th
End of S8: June 30th
Supervised project defences: June 28-29th (report due June 18th)
Jury S8: June 30th, 2pm (grades due: June 21th)
Catch-up S7: August 30th-September 2sd
Catch-up S8: September 2-7th
Jury session 2 (S7-S8-S9): September 10th, 2:00 pm (marks due: September 8th)

Second year - M2

• Back-to-school meeting: September 7, 11:00 a.m.
M2 first semestre (S9) starts: September 7th
M2 first semestre (S9) ends: February 19th
M2 first semestre (S9) jury: April 20th (marks due: April 12th)

Retake exam S9: August 30th- September 2sd

Jury session 2 (S7-S8-S9): September 10th, 2:00 pm (grades due: September 8th)
M2 defences: September 7-9th (reports dead-line August 24th)
Final jury M2: September 10th, 2pm (marks due 2: September 8th)