Application process to IDMC's NLP Master Degree

You will find below all the requirements and informations you need to apply for the Natural Language Master Degree at IDMC in France. We are looking forward to welcoming you to Nancy soon!

Requirements to apply for NLP Master Degree

  • Admission by an application if you have a Bachelor’s Degree (180 ECTS) in NLP or related to NLP: computer sciences, mathematics, linguistics, AI, …
  • Admission by an application if you have a Master’s Degree 1 (210 ECTS) in NLP or related to NLP: computer sciences, mathematics, linguistics, AI, …
  • Applications are available on the E-CANDIDAT portal of the University of Lorraine.

Application process for 2019-2020 academic year is now closed.
Application process for 2020-2021:

E.U. Students (or with a French Visa)
  • Application starts on March 15th (Institut des sciences du Digital, Management et cognition / M1 or M2 TAL)
  • Before that date, please:
Oversea Students withour a French Visa
  • Application has to be done on the Etude En France platform for a list of countries, before MARCH 15th 2020 (Note that on that platform, the French Gouvernement propose grants)
  • For the other countries:
    • Download the application file, fill and sign it, return it :
      • by email to:
      • har copy to: IDMC Institut des Sciences du Digital, Managment et Cognition, ESPE – 54 bis, Boulevard de Scarpone 54000 Nancy

Please, contact us if you have any additional questions in relation to enrollment.

Required documents to apply for NLP Master Degree

  • Copy of your identity document
  • Photocopies of all of your diplomas or certificates of success (translation certified by a sworn translator for diplomas obtained abroad)
  • Transcript of your Baccalaureate or Equivalent Diploma
  • Transcript of the education currently followed in 2019/2020
  • Transcript of the last two years (Higher Education)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Cover letter
  • Justifications in case of interruption of studies (employment contracts for example)
  • Descriptions/contents of the trainings or courses followed

Save the dates

  • January 8th 2020: admission on January 15th
  • March 8th 2020: admission on March 15th
  • May 8th 2020: admission on May 15th
  • June 20th 2002 : admission on June 27th

Last minute!

Dead-line for the Admission to first and second year: the next session will be January 8th 2020